Neau Tropics Chocolate Bar


Indulge In A Healthier Chocolate Experience With Neau Tropics Bar

The Neau Tropics chocolate bar combines the rich, indulgent taste of premium chocolates with the numerous health benefits of lions  mane mushroom. Neau tropics chocolate are simply the best with a whole mass of functional characteristics. Neau tropics mushroom chocolate are among the best functional chocolates on the planet today.

Because of the outstanding quality of neau tropics mushroom bar, a new brand of magic shroom chocolate has immediately gained popularity as also being one of the first companies to create a 6g magic mushroom chocolate bar. Neautropics chocolate bar began with 6g mushroom chocolate bar, which is fairly novel for the psychedelic mushroom sector. Neau tropic bar can compete with some of the best mushroom bars, including Diamond shruumz and mr mushies etc.

Neau Tropics Chocolate Flavors

Neautropic chocolate bar come in a variety of amazing flavors for our customers to choose from. These different flavors comes with their various taste to satisfy our consumers. Neau tropic bar team originally created 3 flavors then later released a few more flavors, making now a total of 6 flavors. This is to make sure that everyone may find a Neautropics chocolate flavor they enjoy. The 6 Major Neau Tropic chocolate bar flavors available include;

  • Ube  Crunch
  • Matcha
  • Seafarin Pretzel
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Popping With Pride

Neautropics Chocolate Benefits

The effects of Neautropics chocolate bars are quite similar to that from other shruumz chocolate. Also functional mushrooms are widely recognized for their amazing health benefits . When you combine mushroom and chocolate the result is delicious and indulgent treat which offers numerous benefits to consumers. Lastly this are some functional benefits of Neau mushroom tropics bar;

  1. Aids Digestion
  2. Anti-Inflammatory  and Antioxidant
  3. Improves mood (Postive Vibe)
  4. Boost Imune System
  5. Enhances Blood Function
  6. Improve creativity
  7. Happiness and Relaxation.

Where To Buy Neau Tropic Chocolate Bar

First and foremost, at our shruumz chocolate store we make it our number one priority to provide our customers with the best mushroom chocolates in the united state and Europe. We provide you with only the best Neau Tropic bars at affordable prices. We use top quality ingredients in our store at Neautropics chocolate bars start selling off at a very affordable price of $35 for each mushroom bar. Also we offer discount on bulk  purchase and wholesale deals on the luxurious Neau tropics mushroom chocolate. Purchase the best mushroom chocolates bar today from us and get the fastest delivery to your home address at literally low cost. Place your order for the forever glowing and delicious  Neau Tropics chocolate bar today and have a taste of that amazing feelings you’ve been missing out  on.

Neau Tropics Packaging and Taste

Neau tropics mushroom team  commitment to quality extends beyond ingredients. This chocolate bars is handcrafted in small batches  to ensure that you get the best quality every time. Their  attention to details doesn’t end there, Neautropics packaging is also carefully designed to appeal to both mushroom and chocolate enthusiasts. These mushroom bars often cater to those who crave sweetness in every mushroom they consume.

Why Should You Buy Neau Tropics Chocolate Bar

Firstly, Neautropics bars have chemical found in magic mushrooms. Its flavors just like regular chocolate, But it can improve your mood for chocolate bar is the perfect present for any occasion, Because its produced from magic mushrooms, it has a sweet flavors that will leave you flavors buds demanding more.

Lastly, Neautropic is more than a chocolate bar, it is a sumptuous and guilt-free indulgence for the health conscious customers who wants something  different. It is perfect as an afternoon or after dinner treat,An energy booster on hiking trails or outdoor activities.



Ube  Crunch, Matcha, Seafarin Pretzel, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate, Popping With Pride


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